Grand View, ID

US Ecology Idaho’s Grand View facility, located 70 miles southeast of Boise in the Owyhee Desert, treats and disposes hazardous waste, non-hazardous industrial wastes and low-activity radioactive material.  The site's arid climate, deep groundwater, and favorable geology help ensure permanent waste isolation.  Combined with a state of the art multi-layer landfill liner system, the Grand View facility is an ideal choice to minimize environmental liability. It is one of a few sites in the nation that also accepts PCBs and hazardous / PCB “mixed wastes”.    In January 2007, the Idaho facility was named an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) "Star" site.

The Idaho facility accepts both bulk solids and containerized waste (including lab packs) and maintains an on-site laboratory to perform required analytical analyses, including TCLP tests, pretreatment recipe formulation and waste treatment verification.  Services include

  • Hazardous waste, PCB, NORM, TENORM and NRC-exempt waste disposal 
  • Stabilization of inorganic wastes (e.g., metals) 
  • Chemical oxidation treatment of organic waste 
  • Encapsulation of debris
  • Full PCB transformer processing   
  • Liquid waste evaporation   
  • Patented K061 steel mill waste “delisting” treatment

Located on a major rail line, US Ecology Idaho’s rail transfer facility offers cost-effective access. Our transportation team arranges railcar service anywhere in the U.S. At our railhead, we receive and unload gondola and hopper car shipments around the clock.  We also handle intermodal containers by truck or rail. Before shipping waste, customers must fill out a Waste Disposal Questionnaire (WPQ) and provide waste characterization information (analytical data, Material Safety Data Sheets, etc.). Our Customer Service staff can help with waste profiling, waste analysis and completion of forms for Land-Ban Restrictions. We arrange storage and transfer to solvents recycling, fuel blending and incineration services for waste not suitable for land disposal.

For further information and assistance, contact:

Customer Service

1.800.274.1516 Fax: 1.208.834.2919
P.O. Box 400, Grand View, Idaho 83624
20400 Lemley Rd. Grand View, ID 83624